[News] Blind people in Katsina vows not to elect politicians who didn’t support them

Lockdown: Blind people in Katsina vows not to elect politicians who didn’t support them

Lockdown: We’ll not elect politicians who abandon us again, says the blinds in Katsina

Physically impaired persons in Katsina have called on politicians and philanthropists to include them in the palliatives being shared to residents and constituents, Daily Trust reports.

The Sarkin Makafin Katsina, Alhaji Garba Mohammed Nahuta, in an interview with Arewa Trust said the politicians have abandoned them at this critical period.

He said they were aware of what leading politicians were sharing out to their party executives and other people in their respective constituencies.

According to him, it is disheartening to see that the most vulnerable people, those who are in urgent need of these palliatives, are being left out.

He said only one philanthropist has distributed grains to them in the whole state.
“Most of our members have to go out to beg for their daily needs and the lockdown has forced all of us into our houses. We cannot go anywhere and people do not see the need to reach and help us.

“People should know that we are humans and have families to feed and cater for. This holy month gives opportunity to sow seed for heavenly reward,” he added.

Nahuta, who is also the National Secretary, Nigeria Council for the Blind, said his members would not vote for any politician who failed to assist them during this difficult time.

He said the association was in talks with the state government on the issue and was optimistic that the members would be put on the list of beneficiaries.

Source:- http://katsinapost.com.ng/2020/04/30/lockdown-blind-people-in-katsina-vows-not-to-elect-politicians-who-didnt-support-them/