[Music] Lil Tekwa – Growing Up

The North East base Nigeria rapper

Lil Tekwa link up with the Florida base producer @ludaondabeat United State Of America on a track tagging “Growing Up

Hardest Sh!t I Ever Did!!!”


This piece of project was mixed by the Adamawa State base producer @TinosaxAlexand1 Nigeria West Africa

This project is proudly sponsored by BRAIN BOX MUSIC.

Lil Tekwa – Growing Up (Lyrics)



Luda on the beat

You know what I’m saying

Tekwa Baby!

Love And Hiphop!!

Hardest sh!t I ever did!!!



I really wanna pull up in V12

With my double cup

Beautiful smiles she reminds me of my ex bitch

Back in college

I’m the dreams come through (true) to every bitches with designers suit

I really wanna fly you sweet in a private jet

If I really have a wish I wished you come back alive when I was seven she mean the whole world to me

You the best

you the best

Is all I can say

[[Growing up! Hardest shiit I ever did]]4x

(Verse 1)


Where I came from a lot of niggas swear we will never make it

But watch me I’m breaking limit and overtakin

Speeding on my grind

Real niggas motivate me

Yea we on a mission

My music travel oversea without nomination

Cloud chasing niggaz I skip probations

Loosing vibes no you will never see that coming

Money on my mind I raise my price when em on stage

Bunch of memories gat me feelin like busta rhymes

I was headin top wen we start d views

Picture on my wall

Memories invade

Hussle and motivate

Million dollars dream

Now passion is somethin I never lack

Yea I’m proud of where we started

If we go right direction niqqa

I’m ready to defend yea

Mama proud of what we archived

But she never told you

Pretty cool

Maybe I still never

Start driving Bentley truck yet

We gonna make it

My dreams on HD

I make Dem watching

I’m the next thing

Tekwa baby

I’m from the northeast

Hommie you feel me Live your life and grow

(Verse 2)


Blue note don’t let the media be your master

Losing sight same people get change

Nothing but sunshine makes a desert

I’m satisfied when I’m tryna do my will

Page numbers invade in big letters

Never trust anyone above thirty

Long as we able to do right

Wrong side follows either

High taste we all tryna prove our heart like

We think about the struggle with sin

The more we think about it we wrestle within


No breaking rules for those already in position

Music for the soul I made it before the bag come

I’ve watched real niggaz winning when I was kidding

But look every single was a hit

I was looking back for days I couldn’t be bold

I push hard I make it strong

Now I rap on every beat I make hitz songs

For my nigga yackson

I’ve been cookin hitz maybe you can have some

Menh I’m the reason why this niqqa f** with rap songs.



Yeah straight 🆙

You know what I’m saying

Tekwa Baby!