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[Gospel Music] Dauda Kusa- Muyi Hankali Da Zaman Duniya




Artist_Dauda kusa

Song writer_ Dauda kusa

Producer Ernest Gamde

Song description_

Muyi Hankali da zaman duniya.

The song is in Hausa language which means that we should be conscious the way we lives in the world.

This is a message to the entire universe, to amend their ways because the world is coming to an end ,it may be today or tomorrow.

People’s Are claiming that they are rich, they can not help their relatives one and some are bragging that they are educated, my brethren we should know that one day all what you have will be a history. And we should be careful because the world will come to an end today or tomorrow.

I urge us that we should stop our evils act today because tomorrow it may be too late.

What we sow is what we will reap.

May God bless the soul that listen to this song Amen 🙏🙏





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