[Gist] The reason why adamawa state music/firm industry don’t have alots of female acts By Adamawaloaded

The reason why Adamawa state music/Firm industry don’t have alots of female Singers/Rappers/Actress
Is that 60% of producers of music & movie demanded for sex and this need to stop if we really want to see someone like Tiwa or Tonto dikeh brought up from adamawa industry!!
Gaskiya the thing just the disturb me, am not saying that their are not female artistes in the state o, we have female artistes like MICEL, STACY, FRAGGIE, TESH who are doing incredible well gaskiya but we need more female artiste to make it more competitive,
 Their are royal producers I mean 40% in Adamawa that are not demanding sex from the upcoming female artiste or Actress and I pray the continue giving this upcoming female acts chance to showcase their talents cause it good to have female artistes in the industry its really make industry good,
I want to hear something like this female artiste is from adamawa one day.

Sign: Adamawaloaded