[Gist] Prophetess Mary Olubori reportedly sells her saliva to members for half a million

Founder of Rock of Salvation Apostolic Ministry, Mary Olubori is reportedly selling her saliva for £1000 (N550k) to her members, according to numerous social media users. The UK-based Nigerian prophetess is said to spit in water and serves out to her congregation for the sum of N550,000 not minding the coronavirus and how it spreads. A Facebook post read; “OLUBORI SELLS HER SALIVA FOR £1000 TO HER MEMBERS London based prophetess Mary Olajuwon Iyabo Olubori sells her saliva for £1000 to her members .please ministers of God is this act bibilical? Strange things are happening in London oooo.”

Another post on Twitter read; “So in this COVID 19 , A prophetess is spitting inside Water for her members deliverance ? Or what am I hearing about Prophetess Mary Olubori ?????????”