[Gist] KoroVibes interview with Ben khalifa About his Next drop song – “ Lost One’s ”

KoroVibes – Ben khalifa we heard your last hit which is “Bom Bom Bom” which you have been feature by Dj bomba couples of days and was really wow….


Ben khalifa – thanks a lot to the number 1 promotional hub in Nigeria talking about Korovibes thanks alots…


KoroVibes – so Ben khalifa our media wish to ask you about your next project Lost One’s


Ben khalifa – Yeah yeah ah ghat you all, and i always welcome you over with all ears


KoroVibes – We heard about your new song Lost One’s and it came to our noticed that its your new single to your fam???


Ben khalifa – yeah its my new single and not just a single but a powerfull single from all side….


KoroVibes – that remind us of your song wow… so tell us what inspired you to go about this project??


Ben khalifa – The inspiration behind this project was, I lost my brother and after that

when I was in ma University: Adamawa State University early this year we lost alots of student once at a time, when they are on their way rushing back to school to write their final exams of the semester in a car accident, to be sincere as an artiste is not all day we gonna be recording Dancehall Afro and so on but we need a touching sound that is so powerful that can also speaks more about things happen around us.

And i also got Inspired to write this song lost one’s from all the killings happenings in the north side of Nigeria 🇳🇬 and the world 🌏 at large so I decided to drop 💦 this powerful song as a sign of missing/condolence sound to those that lost there love once & more.


Korovibes – but Ben khalifa when is this anticipated song dropping????


Ben khalifa – I put together everything with my producer G Ben and My able boss talking about my real boss Mykebou the CEO of Adamawa Celebrity, to present to my listeners…… Buh on a very special day am dropping the song officially world 🌏 wide


KoroVibes – when is that???


Ben khalifa 17-June-2020


KoroVibes – we can’t just wait to get a piece of it


Ben khalifa – sure I ghat you mhen


KoroVibes – so Ben khalifa what can you tell your listeners and people waiting to hear the song


Ben khalifa – Just stay anticipated as we change our world with a powerful touch sound….And at last God name to be praise


KoroVibes – thanks for your time Ben khalifa….


Ben khalifa – thanks much for this great time ghat you at all time


KoroVibes – Blessup.