[Gist] Fact check: Katsina-born comedian, MC Tagwaye converted to Islam? Also CheckOut His Wedding Pictures (Photos)

Multiple sources confirmed to Katsina Post that the Katsina-born comedian, MC, Tagwaye converted to Islam longtime ago.


This issue became necessary to clear because of numerous questions posed by the general public re the faith of the comedian especially recently after he posted his pictures on the social media being married to Hauwa, daughter of Maryam Uwais, special adviser to Presidential Muhammadu Buhari on social investments.

Check Out The Wedding Pictures Below

Someone close to the comedian who don’t want his name on the print confirmed the Katsina Post’s finding saying that the comedian fasted the last Ramadan.


“Yes, MC Tagwaye is a Muslim, he fasted with the rest of the Muslims world and says his five obligatory prayers,” he said.


Another person confirmed to Katsina Post also that he prayed several times with the comedian in Abuja.


MC Tagwaye couldn’t be reached by Katsina Post for comment on the matter despite several attempts.


MC Tagwaye is a popular stand-up comedian in Nigeria. He rose to stardom for having an identical look with the President of Nigeria – General Muhammadu Buhari. Though MC Tagwaye has stated on numerous occasions that his career will not end with President, he jokingly calls him “his twin brother”. In this article, we’ll be letting fans know all about MC Tagwaye biography, family, career and networth.

MC Tagwaye Biography


MC Tagwaye real name is Obinna Simon born on June 24, 1986. Obinna Simon is 33 years old. He hails from Anambra State but was born and raised in Kaduna State. This is likely the reason why he speaks like Buhari. MC Tagwaye comes from a Christian background. He has a real twin brother (not Buhari) who is a businessman.


MC Tagwaye is graduate from Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina State. Not many people know, but MC Tagwaye was once a Science Teacher who taught Biology, Agriculture e.t.c. He did it for seven years.

MC Tagwaye Family

Till today, not much is known about MC Tagwaye family. We know he has a twin brother who happens to be a businessman. According to him, “Tagwaye” means “twins” in the Hausa language. It was how he came up with the name “MC Tagwaye”. He has been sported on events hanging out with his twin brother.

Source :- Katsina Post Media