[Gist] Bobrisky told me he hacked Nina Instagram account – Ify Okoye

Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky who seems to always be embroiled in one controversy or another has landed into just another controversy.
The Nigerian doctor, Ify Okoye who accused Bobrisky of owing her N8m, has shown that she’s not backing down anytime soon as she has continued to make startling revelations into Bobrisky’s life.

The doctor has alleged that the socialite told her he hacked Nina Instagram account.

Ify Okoye who just regained access to her account after it was allegedly hacked for some days, also claimed Bobrisky was the one that hacked her account.

In a post she updated on Instagram, she claimed Bobrisky had been with her several times when she made attempt to log into her account and he probably had access to the login details.

She then alleges that he was the one that hacked Nina’s account when she lost it months ago to one Yusuf.

She wrote:

Yes my IG account was hacked. The only people that could hack my IG account are people who has seen me closely logging in and out of my email account or my social media accounts. Idris has been with me on several occasions doing that.

He hacked that ex big brother contestant( NINA) IG account once and he told me that. Be careful how you log in and out of your email, online banking etc when strangers are beside you. Some people have special skills but they use it in wrong ways.