[Gist] AD rapper Imax Phill mentioned Joelax as his greatest supporter on an interview with North Connect

North Connect: If you were to mention one person who has been following your art for years and still backing you up..
Who would that be?

Imax phill:
‘I’ll mention nobody than this guy (Joelax)

North connect: And why did you pick Joelax ?
Imax Phill: Yea.. I know what might be circulating on your mind; Not Mentioning people like (Msd) who has been there from the starting, made beats; still mix my vocals without paying a damn, and many more supporting me for a long time.
Well; I’ll tell you why.
I still reminisce the year 2016; then i don’t even know this guy.
He was up in my DM on Facebook asking if i got any project coming up, I told him yea.. “Excuse my French’
At that point, i was damn broke.. I don’t even know how to cop with the promotion and i wasn’t related to people blogging; all i could think of is ‘I really need to put the song out’ But even at that i pretend as if i had everything under control..
He then ask “What if i ask you to send me the song? I want to send it to Beautifularewa.com + i have some couple of gees outside the state that promote music, I’ll forward the music to them too.
I did just that and everything was even more than i was expecting; seeing the trend online back in those days everything people posting or commenting on a post ends up with the world “Excuse my French. It became like a “meme.
And even as we talk right now, this guy still promote my music on his sites for free.
You see why i  picked him? I’ve got help from a total strenger i meet online, Those ones that you were thinking i should’ve mentioned were my homies already.
I learn a lot from that’
I was like had it been i snub this Guy’s massage cause i was feeling myself while deep down i was nothing and i needed help, I would’ve missed.
A lot of people out there doesn’t know that Help comes from where you less expected at times.
That’s why it will be more good if you Always respect everybody and as well be nice to everybody.
Shout out to (Bossboy) in maid city, he has been great support too, big thanks to (North Connect)
And lastly The entire management of Teekross studio for making my 2020 amazing