[Ent.News] List Of 20 Best MCs And Commedian’s In Kano State

 List Of 20 Best MCs And Commedian's In Kano State
List Of 20 Best MCs And Commedian’s In Kano State

LIST: KANO’s Top 20 Funniest Stand-up Comedians, MC’s and Skit makers.

Whereas we are well familiar with stage productions, comedy as a genre had never been a “thing” in Kano. But somehow these Comedians have managed to import it, localize it and even export the surplus – so to speak. Now we have gotten ourselves so addicted to laughter that we just can’t do without it anymore.

In a space of just about 10 years it has stolen the hearts of many Kano people; even begin to wonder what entertainment was like without comedy!

So with that. I and my team has come up with the list of 20 the best Stand up Comedians, Event MC’s and skit maker in Kano state. Judging by the number of social media followers, Online and offline Influence, Social media Engagements E.t.c..

These 20 stand-up acts, despite the Constant trolls and accusations of begging on stage. Have proving to be the best Kano has at the moment.

COMEDIAN’S ( Skit maker’s)

And they surely exemplify what we have come to expect of our modern-day entertainment.


With all the agonies beating us back and forth, these people have mastered a wonderful craft of turning around the real world around us, push us to think differently about our own lives – and most of all, make us Choke with laughter.

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