[Biography] Sammy Twist The Lyrical Alien Full Biography

Sammy Twist also known as the Lyrical Alien is an inspirational rapper, a hardcore lyricist with amazing type of flow that makes his audience go wild.

He is a song writer, a recording artist and a live performer, Born on 17/05/1993. He have a BSc. In industrial chemistry.

Sammy Twist is believed to be the future of hip hop in Africa, his lyrics are world class, Can’t be compared with none.

He loved music since he was a kid, started writing songs in the year 2012, discovered hip hop as his genre in the year 2013.

He was just doing music for fun until it became his passion and lifestyle in the year 2017, that was when he chosed music as his carrier. His writing skills went classical in the year 2018.

The first rapper that got his attention was Lil Wayne in the year 2010, since then he listens to a wide range of rappers, the ones that had most impact on him are J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Vo, NF, Hopsin, M.I Abaga, Kanye West, Tom Macdonald, Eminem and 2pac. Sammy Twist mentor happens to be the Chicago rapper named Vo.