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Friday, 19 May 2017

May 19, 2017


Widow's pains.

Tears tears tears,wail wail wail,oh death,why have you let  my wrapper loose,what offense have I committed.I have been mocked,disgraced,tortured, abused.

They see fault in me,even when I am faultless, they fight to shave off my pride,the sharpness of the blade weakens me,my eyes are heavy,red,swollen BT the water doesn't seize to fall out.

I am but helpless now,I cry BT no voice is heard,the white I wear, not of good,I pray to wake,from the nightmare I see,it only gets real day after day.

Oh death hw wicked, left me alone in pain and shame,a stigma that will stick with me,how I wish it was just a dream,I will pray to never see it come.